Get involved in creating products, IT firms advised
New Straits Times.

Private telecommunications and information technology companies should get more involved in content development and in creating new products.

Energy, Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Leo Moggie said both local and foreign companies should tap the abundance of business opportunities in the country.

"Malaysia should not remain a nation of traders that sell products by others" he said at the independent software vendors signing between P&O Information Technology Sdn Bhd and Lucent Technologies Inc. in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

"Our local industry should instead strive towards acquiring and developing technologies not just for our local markets which is limited, but for export purposes as well."

He said measures would be taken to constantly improve the business environment, attract new investments and promote the growth of existing enterprises in the IT industry.

Moggie also called on foreign and local information technology companies to use Malaysia as a regional base to explore wider opportunities within the Asean region.

The creation of more effective joint ventures between domestic and foreign enterprises would further enhance local technological capability and research and development efforts.

He also urged Malaysian companies constantly to keep abreast of the latest advancements in order to gain the competitive edge in their globalisation efforts.

Moggie said the demand for IT, communications and multimedia products and services in the country was increasing.

As of last month, there were more that 389,000 registered internet subscribers compared to some 205,000 subscribers last year, he said. -- Bernama

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